Wednesday, February 27

Enki on bird table

I'll never get any birds at this rate :(

Tuesday, February 5

Friday, February 9

Planting Chillis

This is from my other blog, chillitastic -

Wednesday, January 31


This one is by the wife, there are a lot of interesting little figures like this in Morecambe.

Eric Morecambe

This is in Morecambe itself, which is in north-west England for those of you who don't know it.

Wallpapering the new house

The somewhat expensive wallpaper goes up.

Burning leaves

How to annoy your neighbours, number #1. Burn all your old leaves and branches in the back garden.

Saturday, September 16

A nice green bee

In Montreal

Wednesday, March 15

The Datsun

This was our beloved Datsun 200B, which took us around Australia. It almost made us weep to sell it when we left.

Bigger Spider

I love this image. It's from Guatemala, I was staying in a guest house where the owner asked if we wanted to see some wild spiders in his garden. Ah, you mean tarantulas...

Monday, February 27

Lost (again)

Me, quite lost in the middle of Wales.

Lost Phone Box

Middle of nowhere.

Black Beetle

Black Beetle
This little guy was on his way with some determination.

Magic Mushroom

I saw this growing when out on a day trip in South Wales with my parents. I pointed it out. They stared.

Monday, January 16

A little house spider

These guys are everywhere, but they eat the flies...

Drinking at the Cock

Fun and Guinness at The Cock pub, off Oxford St, London

Thursday, January 12

Brighton Alley

I no longer walk down this alley - it is full of people who refuse to move aside (as then they would have to walk in the gutter) -- too much conflict...

American style mini-pancakes

American style mini-pancakes. Another breakfast of champions...

Sunday, January 8

The worst pasty in Brighton?

This was from Forfar's in the Lanes. Not good - all pastry, little cheese and onion. Nasty pasty, man.

The Fiddler's Elbow in Brighton

The Fiddler's Elbow in Brighton. An oasis of peace off the hellish street at the back of the picture.

A very neglected cactus

A very neglected cactus I own. It has just started to flower. Another picure later perhaps.

Wednesday, December 21

Railway Bridge, Brighton

A huge bridge that carries the railway from Brighton to Lewes, from below.

Tuesday, December 20

Booth Museum, Brighton and Hove

Wall to wall stuffed animals. Odd.

Saturday, December 17

Birds in a tree, Brighton churchyard

Birds settle in for the evening in Brighton.

Tuesday, December 13

Hemel Hempstead Oil Depot Fire

Not one of my pictures, but worth a post (source: So much smoke that it is visible from space... The skies here today are dark and ominous, but sunsets are nice.

Arundel Castle

It's bloody expensive to visit, but Arundel Castle is wonderful.

The Worst Pizza?

That egg was raw and cold. I think the pizza was called something like a 'piccolo'. Shudder.

Thursday, December 8

Cheese and Onion

I was inspired to make this image after a man on my train smelled of cheese and onion (in a bad way).

Cliffs Near Newhaven

So many suicides leap from these cliffs that they are famous for it.

Brighton West Pier Post

Marine creatures cling to rusting iron.